My Philosophy

I believe that sharing our insights and our struggles can contribute to one another so this is one of my goals with this blog – to both give and receive.  Below is a chart that I’ve built that reminds me to keep my mind from hijacking me and to stay centered which is a common theme of my posts. Of the three levels below, I am focused on staying out of the ‘basement’ and strive to live at the higher levels.  I spend most (not all) of my time now near the middle.  I believe continuous practice, learning, and discipline will both limit my basement visits and hopefully lead me farther up where I am focused on creating my life, conscious evolution and being in service to humanity.  In those moments when you reach the highest level, you feel great joy and love.

I believe that everyone is here for a reason and that everybody begins life with something special.   To rise above our life circumstances, to be our best selves and recognize what those gifts are, is part of our quest, our life’s greater purpose.  Some are born rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, brilliant or dull, physically superior or handicapped.  Most of us are somewhere in the middle of these extremes but, regardless of our physical and situational traits, our deeper being has something more to offer in this life.  We all have a unique ability or vision to share with others that can make a difference and allow us to live a fulfilling life, to advance our soul’s journey.  (excerpt from “Why are we here?”)



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