Summer Video

This short video was produced for a Vimeo Challenge showing the weather in my area so far this summer.  Hope you enjoy it.

Timelapse Photography

Timelapse Photography – taking hundreds or thousands of pictures on a specific time interval (usually between 1 and 30 seconds) and then pulling them together into a video which is typically shown at either 24 or 30 fps, is a fascination of mine. I’m amassing quite a collection of these little clips and hope to…

Timelapse of Fast-moving Storm

Here’s a short timelapse video of a storm at Osler Brook Golf Club in Collingwood, Ontario on May 31st.

We were about to go out on the course but the horn blew before we started.

People Timelapse

Here are some short timelapse videos of various ‘people’ activities.

1) some family members practicing golf and instructing young Jasper

2) a gathering to remember Madeleine in April

Sunset in South Haven

Timelapse photography/video of a sunrise off the pier in South Haven on a frigid spring evening in May 2013:

Just Landed

“Just Landed” is a neo-realist, 4 minute short film about two Pakistani immigrants to Canada and their struggle to fit in.  The highly educated, older brother is unable to find employment while the younger brother/student assimilates to the Canadian way of life too quickly, causing conflict.  This was a film school project for York University…

The Miracle of a Rainbow

On Saturday evening, I witnessed a miracle, eye candy that was heaven-sent.  We first spotted the colours in the sky at about 7:30pm after a very special evening.  It was a sign, an omen for a wonderful future.  I felt it. Merriam-Webster had a more scientific explanation for the phenomenon.  It was “an arc.. that…

Film Class

In May, I joined a diverse and talented group of students on a quest to produce a film in less than a month.  In our film class at York University, we were assembled into teams of four – Producer/Writers, Directors, Directors of Photography and Sound Designers.  Under the tutelage of expert course directors, Genevieve Appleton…