Story concepts and outlines for both short and feature-length screenplays for collaboration.

Clifton Screening in York Region

A “Best of” collage from some of the Clifton short films, along with some new footage, was submitted to the Multimedia Film Festival of York Region (  Selected films are shown at various venues around the region.

I just found out that on May 7th, “Clifton” has been selected to screen at the Aurora Cultural Centre along with 16 other short films.

I must confess to being a touch squeamish about this showing as, for the first time, I put myself on camera to pull the various stories together, playing Clifton’s frustrated neighbour “Janet”.  I have preferred to hide behind the camera up until now.  🙂

Here is the film that will be showing:

Clifton for York Region Film Festival

Using clips from the three Clifton short films and putting myself in front of the camera for the first time, I produced this short film for the York Region Film Festival.