Social Media and Mobility Video

I revamped my social media and mobility video, along with more recent clips from my Future Day claymation on software innovation, to enter it in the York Region multimedia festival.  I put this one in as a documentary although it does tell a little story to illustrate social media.  Hope it’s okay..

Tech: Planning for Enterprise Application Mobility

Mobile enterprise solutions are on the list of priorities for many CIOs in 2012. Whether the primary focus is to extend your in-house applications to your roaming workforce (B2E) or to interface with customers and prospects (B2C) via mobile devices, or possibly both, the options and considerations are ever-growing. It’s no surprise that Gartner’s “Top…

Tech: Legacy Transformation

Businesses today must continually innovate or face shrinking market share by competitors who are ahead of the curve. Innovation can take many forms, depending on your business, but agility in Information Technology is often critical to delivering new services and products and to connecting via new channels or markets. At the same time, many businesses…