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People have been asking how this photograph of mine ended up in the May 2013 Special Edition of the Canadian Geographic Magazine on “Wicked Weather”.

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Here’s the story.  I joined the Canadian Geographic online Photography Club last year and have uploaded the odd photo based on their monthly requests but very few, actually.  I’d like to get more involved but I am running in so many different directions at once, as it is.  🙂  Anyway, on one of my rare visits, there was a call for photographs of extreme weather pictures in Canada for a contest with The Weather Network.  I uploaded a few pictures and a couple of them were from the same day in Toronto.

In August 2012, I went to a wedding for my long lost friend, Jola on her father’s boat, the Island Princess on the Toronto Harbour.  She had moved out west 20 years ago.  We lost touch until we reconnected on Facebook.  I was very excited to go to her wedding, see her again, meet her wonderful husband, and go out on the cruise.

But it was a stormy day in Toronto.  The skies were foreboding, winds were strong and it rained on and off all day.  Still, her father Bob is sea captain and he took us out anyway, and found a calm area to park in the Toronto Islands.  On the return cruise, we were greeted with beautiful double rainbows all across Lake Ontario.  Stunning and great omen for Jola’s marriage, I thought.

So, back to the Canadian Geographic Magazine.  I uploaded a few pics and forgot about the contest.  There were thousands of photos submitted and many of them were quite stunning so I wasn’t really expecting anything.  Then, a couple months later, I received a request from the magazine for high resolution versions of two of my pictures for this issue.  Just one of them actually made it but it was also under consideration to be the cover.

Cdn Geo magazine pics


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