Innsbruck 2012 – Day 3

A few photos of the trip so far are in the gallery below.  I’m finally starting to adjust to this timezone.  There are 12 of us here to cheer Roni on in the Youth Olympic Games.  Unfortunately her younger brother, Austen, has been in the hospital since shortly after we arrived.  He is fine and will be out tomorrow hopefully.

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The weather has been fabulous, sunny and just below freezing.  Roni’s had two races so far – the Super G and Super Combined.  She DNF-ed (Did Not Finish) the first day, unfortunately.  The second race, Super Combined, was today and is one Super G run and (if you survive the SG), one Slalom run.  She finished 9th overall which is excellent but she was not overly happy with her result as she made a few mistakes and can do better.  Still we are all very proud.  Way to go Roni!

We’re looking forward to seeing what she will do with the GS and Slalom on Wed and Fri as these are her better events.

Tomorrow is a day off and some of us are going to take the train to Salzburg to do some sightseeing..


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  1. Jennifer Young
    January 20, 2012 at 3:00 am

    Go Ronnie!!!! Your cousins in Spain are rooting for you!!!! What happened to Austin?? Is he okay now? How has the hospital in Austria been? Thank goodness Susan speaks German… I checked out the athlete list and saw that gorgeous photo of Ronnie. I noticed her music preferences and as I LOVE to check out new music I have been listening to her favourite musicians while I am making soap. So! she likes country music! The other day I had a soaping session, groove-sharking to Tim McGraw. This morning I will be trying out Luke Bryan and other morning I will try out Jake Owen. Hope you are all having a fabulous time in Innsbruk. 1990, on my year trip around Europe, I stopped in Innsbruk and went skiing on the glacier in August. Loved it!!! I also adored Saltzburg if you have a chance to get there…. also if you have a chance to give me a call while you are there, my mobile is 655 29 94 94. I think you have to dial the Spain country code first (34). Go Ronnie Go!!!!! Gogeous photos! xoxoxo Cousin Jen

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