Inspirational Science about the power of our Hearts

Earlier in May, I attended Day 3 (Sunday) of the Hay House “I Can Do It” event in Toronto.  My main reason for going was to see Gregg Braden who was the keynote speaker on Sunday morning.  While there, I also enjoyed attending sessions with John Holland (the first time I’d ever experienced a “medium in action”), Dr. Christiane Northrup, and Dr. Bruce Lipton who gave the closing keynote address.  I’ve since been absorbing more material from both Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton.  I love the mix of scientific breakthroughs in the areas of biology and quantum physics as they relate to human spirituality intermixed with findings from our wisdom traditions.

I’m still absorbing some of this information and couldn’t possibly do this justice here, however, I thought sharing a few insights might be of interest.

Lipton and Braden have a lot in common as they both come from a science background, however, Lipton has a PhD in Biology and is more focused on that field.  I just finished listening to his CD’s called the “Biology of Belief” which go quite in depth on genetics but in a way that everyone (even me) can understand.

Braden seems to balance his scientific inquiry with his parallel mission of investigating ancient wisdom traditions which makes his material really fascinating.  I’ve heard them both dispute Darwin’s theories on evolution as it relates to human evolution and the ‘survival of the fittest’.  It’s the first time I’ve really considered that this wasn’t just pure fact but some really interesting points were made.  Braden’s upcoming book will cover this in detail.  The idea that ‘cooperation’ works better for our survival than ‘competition’ is certainly true today.

While there, I was able to briefly meet Gregg Braden and have him sign two of his books (“The God Code” and “Fractal Time”) and slip him a wrapped copy of “Vision Speak”.  I don’t know if he’ll find time to read my novel but I can always dream.  He was very gracious in accepting it. 🙂  I also picked up his DVD, “The Language of the Divine Matrix” which I enjoyed watching over a rainy weekend in May.  (which would be most of May this year..)

In this 4 hour DVD, Braden walks us through real science demonstrating some exciting concepts, for example:

  • the universe is an intelligent, evolving consciousness of which we are all connected.  He calls this the ‘divine matrix’ (based partly on Planck’s reference to the field as the ‘matrix’)
  • we are beings of energy and the strongest electrical and magnetic energy forces in our body come from our heart
  • the language of our heart – beliefs and feelings, human prayer energy – (generated by our thoughts and emotions) can change our world, affect our reality, connect us to the divine matrix…

He explained some fascinating, related experiments, including the “Global Consciousness Project” out of Princeton University which is measuring changes in human consciousness on a global scale using devices planted around the earth.  A key result from this experiment occurred around 9/11.  The measurements recorded both just before and after 9/11, indicate some astounding results which not only demonstrate the power of our collective energy but also that we may sense something is about to happen before it actually reaches our conscious state.

He then shared some of his research into ancient traditions, including his visit to Tibet, his knowledge of the Essenes, and the lost scriptures including the Lost Gospel of Thomas and related this to the science.  One of his quotations came from Thomas Verse 106 which referenced the potential power mankind can have: ‘when you can marry thought and emotion into one potent force’..

Ancient wisdom seekers were perhaps more in touch with this ‘prana’, energy body of humanity than we are today in our busy, materialistic world.

If you’re not already a fan of Gregg Braden ( and his work, as well as Bruce Lipton (, then I highly recommend you have a look at the work they are doing (and sharing).  They both have hugely inspiring insights, based on real science, that could rock your world.


With a professional background and education in enterprise software but a lifelong love of the arts, I published my second novel, "Vision Speak", in 2010. Over the past several years, I've explored photography, film production and screenwriting. Along the way, I've questioned my obsessive pursuits - am I crazy? Perhaps this quotation from Thomas Merton serves as explanation. "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” I'm still searching... 


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  1. Susan
    June 3, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    Eden – you’ve done a marvellous job giving a brief synopsis of Bruce Lipton and Greg Braden’s lectures. I concur, they give us much to reflect upon, and do it in a manner which seems easy to digest – quite a feat when you consider they cover quantum physics, spirituality, history, global initiatives among other things. Fascinating stuff.
    The I Can Do It Conference is my favorite of all the ones I attend – it always fills me with new ideas and recharges my spiritual batteries, usually while making me laugh along the way. Two pearls of wisdom I gleaned at it this year were:
    “The word for BUSY in Chinese is comprised of two characters – HEART and KILLING.” Robert Holden
    “It’s time to get as bored with your story as your friends probably are.” Marianne Williamson
    There’s something for everyone at the ICDI. I predict Greg Braden will love your book Eden – well, who wouldn’t??

  2. June 3, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    Great nuggets. Thanks for sharing!

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