Message of Hope – written by Susan

Hello friends, 

I’m offering some personal reflections as a means of enhancing the feelings of peace, love, compassion, tranquility, fellowship … which exist in every moment of every day of our lives, but sometimes become overshadowed by events which sadden or frighten us. As well, it is a way to connect to those of you who ‘talk the same language’ as me … have been walking along a similar path of spiritual discovery, because I think now more than ever, we need to support each other in our quest to bring as much harmony, love and peace into this world as possible.

Upon learning of the death of two volunteer firemen here in Listowel this week, I have been aware of how often my mind and heart turns to them, to their families, friends … and the sadness that comes up for me. Although I didn’t know them personally, they were a part of my community and therefore, I am affected. They were two men. The sadness I feel today can be multiplied by so many other hearts grieving for loved ones in peril or who have died in Japan, New Zealand, Libya and so many other places on our planet where there is tragedy and suffering…

The very fact that we ARE so affected shows us that we have a universal yearning to love and honour our fellow brothers and sisters worldwide. I hold my hands together and say Namaste to you for your compassion.

And now also, I urge you to remember to love and feel compassion for yourself; to do whatever it takes to recharge your spiritual batteries so that the sadness and fear does not become overwhelming. We cannot give from a cup that is empty, thus must take this opportunity to infuse ourselves with memories of joy, beauty, love, Christ consciousness …. whatever it is that feeds your soul.  For some it may be sharing laughter with friends; it may be walking in the woods and thanking Mother Earth for her many gifts; it may be meditations in which we hold the world in a bubble of loving Godlight … whatever.

I simply encourage you to give yourself an emotional/spiritual hug – for your sake, and the sake of us all. I feel gratitude to each of you, for being people to whom I can say these things, and know that in connecting my heart to yours for a brief moment in this communication, I am also receiving your heartfelt compassion.

Thank you for the contributions you have made in my life in the past, and will continue to do so. I am including a link to Peggy Black’s Morning Messages. She channels a group of beings who are always so loving and encouraging. This particular message came in just 2 days ago, and it seems so appropriate right now. No coincidences, right?

Thank you for being who you are.


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