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In previous posts, I’ve shared a little bit about the ups and downs over the past year of first releasing my novel, “Vision Speak”, with a publisher that didn’t work out and ultimately making the decision that I needed to move on.  Since then, I got my rights back and last month, re-released “Vision Speak” via “Future Day Publications” (my company), printed by Ardith.  The beautiful new cover for the book was designed by my sister, Rebecca Marsden. 

As I am very busy with my job in the software industry and have slowed down promotional activities for the moment, I’ve been experimenting with a new medium for sharing my work – Youtube,  I’ve created a Youtube channel called “Future Day Productions” which will have a mix of personal videos, “Vision Speak” related videos and video-blogs (vlogs).  I’ve included a couple of the first videos I’ve recently produced below.  These are a novice effort but fun to do and I’m excited by the possibilities.  Perhaps I’m having too much fun mixing in a variety of pictures and video clips.  You’ll have to let me know if you have some suggestions..

Introduction to “Vision Speak”:

Dreams and Wizardry on Silver Creek:


With a professional background and education in enterprise software but a lifelong love of the arts, I published my second novel, "Vision Speak", in 2010. Over the past several years, I've explored photography, film production and screenwriting. Along the way, I've questioned my obsessive pursuits - am I crazy? Perhaps this quotation from Thomas Merton serves as explanation. "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” I'm still searching... 


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