Video and Film Production

Using images and video to share our lives is becoming as commonplace as letter writing once was.  My interest in producing videos as a creative medium really began in 2010 after I had published my novel (“Vision Speak”) and took a HayHouse course called “Movers and Shakers” where our ending project was to put together a video sharing our message with the world.  This first project led to the purchase of some video equipment, my iMac, and working with video-editing software.

Since then, I’ve invested in more equipment, taken courses in film production, screenwriting and directing at York University, University of Toronto and Raindance, and continued to work with this medium.  Part of this learning came out of a series of comedy adventure short films about a wacky actuary named Clifton that I produced.  I won first place two years in a row at the Wasaga Beach Short Film Festival and also had a trailer entry in Cinecoup.  For the 2014 Vaughan Film Festival, I pulled together some clips on Clifton and inserted myself into the story as the grumpy neighbour, Janet.

I’ve also produced some short, memorial videos to share memories and images of some young family members who have passed on at a young age.

A number of these short films are embedded below..

Some other examples of recent video/film ‘projects’:

1) Vimeo Challenges

2) Timelapse Photography

3) Fiction, most notably short comedies about “Clifton” for the Wasaga Beach Film Festival

4) Technology, learner videos for my business “Future Day”, currently in progress are short claymation-inspired videos on the importance of software innovation for enterprises

5) Event videos

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